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Democrats of Tennessee
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Welcome to Democrats of Tennessee!

The Latest News

A tax increase of some kind is needed under pressure of a projected $300 million budget shortfall this year, Lt. Gov. John Wilder said yesterday.

''We will do something right, and it will be right when we do it,'' said Wilder, D-Mason, who is speaker of the Senate. ''Some kind of tax increase has got to be had.''

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Our Beliefs

Equal Justice Under The Law For Poor And Wealthy
Fair and Decent Wages ~ Strong Labor Laws ~
Maintaining Excellent Public Schools
Religious Freedom For All ~ Seperation Of Church And State
Equal Opportunity For All Regardless Of Race Or Creed
Single Payer Health Care
Strong Government That Serves Needs Of Its Citizens ~ Regulates Big Business
Keeping Government Out of Private Lives
Enviromental Protection
Economic Freedom For All

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